is Everything.

Learn How to Turn Ordinary Conversations
into Extraordinary Experiences

The 7 Stages of
The Original Circling® Approach

How to turn any conversation into
a life-changing event

Circling® is a deeply moving, life-transforming experience. A new doorway to living authentically.


Ron Bynum

Imagine a Workplace where
Extraordinary Connection… is Ordinary.

To Be “Gotten” is
the Rarest and Most
Nourishing Experience.

Giving this gift to your
Friends Partner Coworkers Family Self

will create a lasting

A world where it’s normal to “get” each other and to be “gotten”... where vulnerability is power… and where it’s understood that you and everyone around you has a life worth sharing.


Do you  long for...

Pierce Through the
Veil of Disconnection

& Give the Gift of Intimacy
To Everyone You Come in Contact With

Unfortunately, the world we’ve gotten used to is prone
to disconnection.

The internet, the fast pace of society and the abundance of information has given us an oversaturation of “content” and an evident lack of intimacy and meaningful connection.

We’ve been taught that Vulnerability = Danger… yet this very notion is destroying our relationships.

We are afraid to “expose” ourselves… and so we keep our best parts hidden.

We are the loneliest we’ve ever been.

We keep dysfunction alive in our relationships.

We unintentionally resent friends, partners, co-workers, family members…

We feel frustrated and misunderstood.

We are tired.

We don’t realize how stuck we are. Trapped.

We have trouble bonding, getting our ideas across, understanding each other, being truly intimate in a way that heals…

And it’s practically impossible to raise a healthy family, grow an amazing career, or maintain joy filled friendships.


What if

there was a way to
dissolve the disconnection, numbness, and suffering?

You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem. You need new skills, capacities, insights, training, reflecting, coaching, practice, discovery of blind spots & feedback.

When you stop hiding parts of yourself, and start owning your presence, you become magnetic.

Life comes to you without effort.

The Original Circling® Approach

will redefine what’s possible
in your relationships.

Through this work, your unique gifts will be revealed. You will have the opportunity
to experience radical transformation, personal growth and mindfulness.

Join the journey and discover how you can create
profound and lasting connection–anytime, with anyone.


“Student Stories”

What The Original Circling® Approach Makes Possible For Students and Practitioners

It was a natural choice to join in the Art of Circling® training.

As a professional leadership and team development coach I’ve spent the past few decades as a passionate student (and teacher) of transformational work. After attending just one Circling® event I knew there was something uniquely special about the methods and skills that were being practiced.  It was a natural choice to join in the Art of Circling® training.
Sheri Kay​

What I discovered changed my life.

I have always been drawn to relationships and connection with others.  For the majority of my adult life, my interactions focused on soothing and fixing and working through a problem.  I began to be dissatisfied with this approach when a friend introduced me to Circling®. What I discovered changed my life.
Amy Gannon

The Circling® practice stands out as being unique.

I’ve done countless courses on relationships and communication over the years but the Circling® practice stands out as being unique. I gained some powerful insights on a personal level and am now expanding my repertoire of skills for deepening all my relationships significantly.
Howard Sambal​

Uplevel Your Ability

To Authentically Connect.

The Original Circling® Approach is a way of relating that has the capacity to reveal your unique gifts and set a new precedent for what is possible in authentic relationships.

We provide a variety of workshops, coaching & advanced trainings for individuals and facilitators.

Join the movement and open the doorway to greater personal growth, self realization, and intimacy in your relationships.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Experience the power of The Original Circling® Approach through live events (in person or online) and workshops that enhance your ability to communicate.

The Circling® Curriculum Has Been One of the Most Valuable Experiences of My LIfe


Join One of Our Flagship Trainings to Become A Truly Advanced "Communication Ninja”

The Circling® Institute runs workshops, coaching & advanced trainings for individuals and facilitators. When you join a particular program, you will give your relationships the gift of:


You Can Also Get Private One-On-One Coaching with Our Master Trainers and Coaches:

Create Uncommon Connection

In Your Life and Relationships

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I know for certain that without Circling® we would not be at the depth and breadth of engagement and intimacy that we are now. And quite possibly we would not have even made it past the hurdles and tests of trust to stand together today.

Siena Songbird