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The Circling® Institute runs workshops, coaching & advanced trainings for individuals, organizations and facilitators.

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Weekly Circling® Nights


Thursdays at 6pm - Online

Join the founder of The Original Circling® Approach – Guy Sengstock, Jon Cotton and/or guest facilitators, for an evening of Circling®, community and authentic relating.

Circling® practice nights are an ongoing weekly event open to the public.

After being offered for many years, it has become a tightly-knit and deeply welcoming community.

This evening is for everyone. It offers a taste of the magic of The Original Circling® Approach for people who are new to the practice, and it offers an opportunity for old-time Circlers to take a dive into the relational pool every week. It is often profound, surprising and fun!

Weekend Original Circling® Approach Intensives

This consciousness-shifting workshop is for you if you want more aliveness and connection in every relationship in your life and to create a bigger impact in the world — simply by being more authentically yourself.

Circling® is a deeply moving, life-transforming experience. A new doorway to living authentically.
Ron Bynum

Art of Circling® –
Practitioner Training


Our flagship program, this comprehensive education takes place over 8 weekends (2 prerequisites + 6 core modules) within the course of one year. 

This is part skills work, part personal growth work. Participants learn the philosophy, skills, process, etc behind our original 7-stage model of The Original Circling® Approach while getting ample opportunity to both lead Circles, and receive Circles.

Participants leave this program with the skills & confidence necessary to both lead Circles in the traditional sense, and to LIVE the essence of the Circling® approach in their communication & relating.

Art of Circling®
Facilitator Training

The “Level 2” to our flagship program, in this program individuals deepen their Circling® skills, learn how to coach/teach others who are learning The Original Circling® Approach, learn how to lead Authentic Relating Games, how to design and host their own events, how to handle feedback & questions from participants, etc.


For the first time in a long time, I wasn't interrupting! I felt immediately so relieved that I could indeed be present.

Private Coaching

For those looking for personalized
support from an experienced mentor on:

The Circling® Institute offers private one-on-one coaching with our master trainers.

The 7 Stages of The Original Circling® Approach

How to turn any conversation into
a life-changing event


I have taken many leadership and personal development courses, yet Circling really stood out and deeply impacted my life. I felt like I saw the souls of my classmates, and I felt completely supported. The course gave me insights about myself that would have taken me years to find on my own. More specifically, it showed me how my strategies for getting connection and intimacy were actually pushing people away. I learned ways to more fully experience my connection with friends and loved ones.


Jason Gore


“Student Stories”

What The Original Circling® Approach Makes Possible For Students and Practitioners

It was a natural choice to join in the Art of Circling® training.

As a professional leadership and team development coach I’ve spent the past few decades as a passionate student (and teacher) of transformational work. After attending just one Circling® event I knew there was something uniquely special about the methods and skills that were being practiced.  It was a natural choice to join in the Art of Circling® training.

Sheri Kay​

What I discovered changed my life.

       I have always been drawn to relationships and connection with others.  For the majority of my adult life, my interactions focused on soothing and fixing and working through a problem.  I began to be dissatisfied with this approach when a friend introduced me to Circling®. What I discovered changed my life.

Amy Gannon

The Circling® practice stands out as being unique.

“I’ve done countless courses on relationships and communication over the years but the Circling® practice stands out as being unique. I gained some powerful insights on a personal level and am now expanding my repertoire of skills for deepening all my relationships significantly.

Howard Sambal​