Tools for Extraordinary Connection

Tools for Extraordinary Connection

Deepen your ability to create connection & impact, anytime... with anyone

Are you tired of superficial or “surface” relationships and crave more meaningful and intimate connections?

Are you a leader, coach, or therapist, and want to bring more present moment awareness to your work?

Join us for an evening of Genuine Relating in a Fun Way!


Together we will


If you’ve ever had a conversation where you found yourself hanging on every word – your heart wide open, your eyes filled with tears, and a huge smile on your face… If you crave fun, rich and authentic connections, then this event is for you.

The activities will include highly interactive partner and group exercises that demonstrate and explore authentic relating, getting to know yourself better, while at the same time learning to see and appreciate more about everyone you connect with.

By practicing attunement and bringing yourself more fully to interactions, you will learn how to create instant aliveness and get a person like they may never have been gotten before.


Experience an open-hearted space where people get to “cut through the superficial” and be truly themselves without apology. Enjoy an exciting, fun and very juicy social evening with lots of laughs, plenty of insights, and sometimes sparks flying!

You will also learn about ways to further develop your skills through programs with The Circling® Institute.

ALL are welcome.
Bring a friend, bring your partner or come solo! These are NOT singles/dating events.


Your Facilitators:

Jon Cotton and Circling® Institute Facilitators

Together, they are not afraid to lead with their own humanity,
vulnerability and humor to keep it real.

Jon Cotton

Jon Cotton has been practicing circling for over 6 years. Jon is a personal growth seminar creator & facilitator, psychic reader & healer, nutritionist, natural health expert and UC Berkeley MBA. He has taught workshops for 25 years in meditation, healing, intuition, practical spirituality, NLP, Firewalking – for personal power, overcoming fear & creating what seems impossible, Breathwork, Speaking Circles, intimacy, authentic relating and the Art of Circling™ and leads trips to swim with dolphins. He creates an uncommon atmosphere of safety, trust & intimacy. Through a loving and compassionate presence he shares how to fulfill our deepest human needs, to create unconditional love and community in our lives.