Art of Circling

Practitioner Training 2021
(8 Weekends in SF Bay Area, CA)

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This training is for you if...

  • You long to tap into a deeper source in yourself, feel more comfortable in your own skin and create a life that inspires you.
  • You’re a coach, therapist, transformational leader — or are on your way to BECOMING one — and want to make a MUCH bigger difference for your clients.
  • You’re ready for the next big leap into profound personal growth and your development as an adult with a community of powerful and inspiring people from all over the world.

The Art of Circling™ Training Program

Has 4 Primary Purposes:

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To unleash your unique potential and be a cauldron for your personal growth and transformation.

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To teach you the art and skills of authentic relating so you can have more rewarding and intimate relationships with everyone in your life.

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To provide powerful training in the Circling™ Method and give you the skills to masterfully facilitate transformation for other people.

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To offer Practitioner Certification in the Circling™ Method for graduates who qualify.

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In The Art of Circling™ Practitioner Training,
You Will…


  • Experience the radical personal growth that is available through Circling™. Read more about Circling here.
  • Gain deeper access to authentic self-expression – learn to powerfully and vulnerably express your experience of being with others as it arises.
  • Create more rewarding and intimate relationships and interactions with everyone in your life.


  • Become skilled in the Circling™ Method –
    This program will train you to become incredibly proficient at guiding people to very deep places.
  • Learn the 7 stages and skill-sets needed to facilitate transformation, including the art of getting someone’s world… in a way that has them feel seen, known and understood, possibly more deeply than they’ve ever been before.
  • Deepen your existing coaching/therapy practice – In addition to your Circling™ training, we also teach you specifically how to translate your Circling™ skills into working with clients, friends, family or work associates who are seeking a change in their lives.

What’s Included in

The Art of Circling Training:

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Eight (8) Weekends of Immersive Training

Two Pre-requisite Weekends offered on multiple dates & Six core Module weekends.

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Virtual Circling™ Practice

Regular opportunities to practice with the Course Leader(s) and Staff as they coach you and give detailed feedback on your Circling™ skills.

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Office Hours

For Q&A or mini Circling™/Coaching with the Course Leaders.

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Peer Group Circling™ Practice

Practice with fellow students to deepen your skills and receive support.

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Private Facebook Group

Stay in contact with your peers and instructors as you are learning and sharing.

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Homework & Training Materials

To deepen your knowledge and skill levels, each step of the way.

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Core Modules & Prerequisites

To get Certified as an Art of Circling™ Practitioner, complete the two  prerequisite Weekends and all six Modules and pass the Certification in your last Weekend Module or through a virtual follow-up session.

  • Pre-requisites
  • Prerequisites (Sovereign & Explorer Weekends) are intro Weekends open to the general public. These Weekends cover the basics of the Circling™ Method and authentic relating and will give you skills and experience to practice the principles in your life. We recommend (though not required) that you start with the optional Immersion Weekend first if you’ve never had any prior experience of the Circling™ Method. Sovereign and Explorer Weekends are required to be eligible for the practitioner training.
  • Core Modules (Art of Circling™ Modules 1 – 6) will take you through all the steps to become a skilled practitioner of Circling™ and are only open to those who meet our qualification requirements. We also welcome returning graduates to take any of these weekend modules to refresh or update your abilities.
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Dates & Logistics

Enrollment is open NOW and you may begin
the moment you register.

SPECIAL BONUS – for 1st 10 participants only:

  • Sovereign & Explorer weekends included and can start now
  • Participate in Intro Nights for ½ off (while you wait for your course to begin)
  • ½ off admission to Intro Nights for up to 3 friends
  • 1 free Coaching/Circling™ session – with Guy, Korenna or Jon
  • Engaging in private Circling™ experiences with our Level 2 Facilitators
  • Getting to know your course mates in your private Facebook Group
  • $1000 tuition discount

The Art of Circling™ Course is LIVE now.

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Enrollment will remain open until March of 2021, but the moment you enroll you can begin:

  • Taking the prerequisite courses alongside your cohort.
  • Attending virtual Play & Practice webinars led by TCI Faculty & staff.
  • Getting to know your course mates in your private Facebook Group.
  • Engaging in private Circling™ experiences with our Level 2 Facilitator.

Live Training Weekend Modules

Will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area
(location to be confirmed soon).

Module 1 – Foundations of Circling™

  • Mar 5-7, 2021
  • 1pm – 7pm on Friday, 10am – 7 pm on Saturday/Sunday


  • Better understand and integrate Circling™-related distinctions into every day experience.
  • Build rapport & develop authentic relationships with AOC participants & staff.
  • Develop a deeper capacity to know self & others, and to let self be known.
  • Establish skills for opening, facilitating and closing a Circle.
  • Review, practice, and deepen skills from Sovereign & Explorer.

Module 2 – Advanced Explorer™
(Getting the Deeper Context)

  • Apr 10-11, 2021
  • 10am – 7 pm on Saturday/Sunday


  • Get 'context' as a distinction and understand the difference between content and context in Circling™ practice.
  • Learn models of development and how the Circling™ method is a form of "relational yoga" that facilitates development.
  • Learn how to see and name someone's implicit context as part of art of getting someone's world. This includes deciphering what they most value, care about, or are hurt by, even when they may not realize or articulate it themselves.
  • Explore unconscious projection and learn the art of sharing "conscious projection" in Circling™ practice. Become proficient at explaining Circling™ and setting context at the beginning of a Circle (considering both those experienced in or new to Circling™)

Module 3 – Warrior™
(Seeing What Hasn’t Been Seen)

  • May 29-30, 2021
  • 10am – 7 pm on Saturday/Sunday


  • Learn how to track different levels and types of experience.
  • Practice noticing and naming dissonance, incongruency, potential "blind spots" or "disowned" projections in the Circle.
  • Explore the "way of being" of the Warrior, including yin and yang aspects of the Circling™ method. Become practiced in seeing and naming the whole pattern that connects.
  • Understand "defenses" that show up and how to work with them, including "sealing the exits."

Module 4 – Deep Sea Diver™
(Feeling What Hasn’t Been Felt)

  • July 10-11, 2021
  • 10am – 7 pm on Saturday/Sunday


  • Understand the 5 ways of relating to emotions.
  • Deepen your ability to sense and experience emotions that may be hidden, disowned or painful and how to work with them as they arise.
  • Learn how to facilitate creative exercises that "invite the experience that is trying to happen or unfold."
  • Get a basic introduction to trauma, how to know when you're out of your league when it shows up, and how to create a safe container for addressing it.

Module 5 – Midwife / Integrator™
(The Birth of Something New/Bringing it into Your Life)

  • Aug 14-15, 2021
  • 10am – 7 pm on Saturday/Sunday

Objectives (Midwife):

  • Recognize the transition points when Deep Sea Diver completes and Midwife begins.
  • Learn how to midwife the emergence of a new insight or way of being through silence, speaking, and exquisite "space holding" individually or with the whole group.

Objectives (Integrator):

  • Learn how Circling™ can be an integral practice for turning a "state" experience into a major "stage" experience.
  • Understand the structure of integration and how it changes your relationship to both the past and future as an emergence of a new possibility, outlook or way of being.
  • Develop the skills to masterfully help a Circle integrate their Circling™ experience on cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels.

Module 6 – Advanced Integrator
(Circling™ Method within a Coaching Context), Art of Completion & Certification (Optional)

  • Oct 22-25, 2021
  • 1 pm – 7pm on Friday, 10am – 7pm on Saturday/Sunday for the training & optionally 10am – 7pm on Monday for those who wish to be Certified in-person


  • Introduce Coaching skills (Learn how The Circling Method can be integrated into a professional context such as Coaching or Therapy).
  • Review all the learned competencies.
  • Explore suggestions on the Art of Completion.
  • Explore further integration or training
  • Take the Certification Test (optional)
  • Celebrate with your fellow graduates.

Total Tuition

  • $7995
  • 6 Month and 12 Month Payment
    Plans available
  • Past graduates/returning students from our prior AOC courses pay a flat discounted rate of $4,000 (contact us for the payment link)

If you have more questions and want to explore if the course is a fit for you, contact us to set up a conversation.

You can Email us at and we will follow up to discuss the program and what it can do for you.

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Yes, you can go ahead and register and pay for the whole course without pre-approval. If you have prior experience of Circling™ practice, we certainly encourage you to do so. We will follow up with you shortly to schedule an orientation conversation to get to know you, set clear expectations on the training and ensure it is the right fit for you at this stage in your life. If we confirm you are ready, we will send you the follow-up logistics info. If it turns out for some reason that it is not the right fit for you at this stage, we will issue you a full refund right away. We do this to ensure you are ready and willing to go through the deep transformation and learning that this journey entails.

Circling™, coaching & therapy are three different modalities with different intentions and goals. You can read more about the difference between coaching, therapy & Circling here. However, Circling skills can profoundly enrich coaching, therapy and leadership facilitation. In this training, we distinguish how circling can be offered inside of a coaching framework so that it can be used in a professional context in service to a client’s goals and desires. You’ll learn the basic coaching skills necessary to create a powerful relationship with clients at the outset and help them integrate and implement changes in their lives after Circling™. However, the primary focus of the course will be learning the Circling™ skills that can elicit profound transformation and the emergence of more authentic levels of being, both in yourself and others.
We designed the program to provide the immersion and engagement needed for rapid learning and personal growth, while at the same time spacing it out so that it can easily integrate into the lives of busy people. The program runs monthly or bi-monthly and we’ll meet live online each time for 2-day or 2.5-day long weekend trainings. Most people find that this schedule makes it easy to participate in the training, integrate what they are learning and balancing the needs of personal/family life and work.
No problem. You can continue the course with the subsequent weekend modules and catch up on the missing weekend(s) anytime within a 2 year period.

This is an in-depth training for people who want to accelerate their personal growth and become extremely skillful at facilitating transformation for others. Because of this, a good number of the participants in the program are coaches, therapists or experienced Circling™ participants. However, there are no formal prerequisites for this training and we welcome people with a variety of experiences. We also offer additional assistance and coaching to individuals as needed to allow each person to thrive and get the most out of their training.

That said, because this is an intensive training, it is not for everyone, and we will personally confirm with each person upon registration to ensure it is a good fit at this stage in your life.

We will be offering Practitioner Level Certification and official endorsement from The Circling Institute to qualified graduates of the Art of Circling™ Training. This means that if you meet the criteria we will certify you as a Practitioner in Circling for individuals and groups at a basic level of proficiency and you will be listed in our registry of Certified Circling Practitioners.

Some participants in this program won’t have the desire to attain Certification, if so you will still be recognized as a Graduate of the Art of Circling™. For those of you who want Certification, we will be evaluating you on a series of skill-sets that we will make clear during the course. Because everyone is beginning the course with different skill-sets and levels of experience, gaining Certification is not guaranteed and it is expected that some people will not pass the first time. If you don’t pass the Certification evaluation on the first attempt, you will have other opportunities to do so after the completion of the training, which we can discuss. If you really want to get your Art of Circling™ Certification… we want to help you get there!

If you are a returning student, you may retake any of the weekend modules at 50% discount of the original price. The pricing breakdown for returning students is as follows:

Intro Weekends : $250 each
Core Modules 1-6: $595 each

This program is a journey of the soul.
Talk to us, and you’ll know if it’s right for you.

Email us at if you would like to discuss the program and what it can do for you.

If you’re ready to give your greatest gifts and make a profound difference in the lives of your clients, co-workers and loved ones, then join us for a training that will change the course of your life.