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Anywho… We have lots of fun stuff for you this month (and next)

There are
four spots left
for July 20-21’s
Explorer Workshop

(click link for more info,
and/or to reserve your spot)

This highly experiential workshop is choc full of exercises that will help you hone your listening & communication skills… AND each participants gets to be the subject of a 60 min Circle

We are still meeting
in Berkeley each month for 3 hours of AR Games, Circling & Socializing

Join Us from 7pm-10pm PT on July 9th and/or August 13

Guy SengstockJon Cottonand other esteemed TCI facilitators for an evening of Authentic Relating Games, professionally led Circles, and good, old-fashioned, community building!

Address for the event will be provided upon purchase of your ticket. Please arrive 10 min before start time to say hello & get settled.

If you missed last month’s demo event, you can watch the Circle here.

The full 2-hour event is available exclusively to members of this list… Click here if you’d like to witness both the Circle,
and the follow up Q&A session.

Because Circling is more art than science…

We are looking forward to bringing you more Circling demos from other TCI Faculty as well as our esteemed teachers in training. So you can view, first hand, the myriad of styles and possibilities available.

Speaking of the Art of Circling…

If you are feeling hungry for a deeper dive into
The Original Circling® Approach
(and improving your communication while building authentic connections 🙂 registration is open for the
2024-2025 cohort of Art of Circling Training.

Come find your unique voice as a Circler,
and join us in our endeavor to
change the way the world relates – one heart at a time!

If you are interested in joining this next cohort you can use this link to put yourself in Guy’s calendar to discuss the possibilities

I think that’s it for July, Toto!

Sending BIG Love from our family to yours,

Other Ways to Enjoy Circling:

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