I believe: the deepest way you can love somebody is to be willing to FULLY go on their ride.  To listen to them so deeply that – through your listening – they gain deeper insight into their own experience.

This is one of the many miracles that Circling provides.

~  Guy Sengstock, Circling Institute Founder

Many of you may have seen the recent podcast where Guy did an interview with the folks over at Rebel Wisdom… But did you know TCI will soon be releasing their own podcast, where Guy interviews fascinating people from various fields – movie directors, scholars, therapist, and more?!?!

Here’s a sneak peek for you… Guy interviewing John Vervaeke who is an (award-winning) Professor of Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto and the man who coined the phrase “Meaning Crisis.” 

Even if you aren’t a fan of modern philosophy, there is a lot to love in this interview. It’s a living example of how integrating the tenets of Circling can, as we are fond of saying: “turn any conversation into a life changing experience”. I think Vervaeke demonstrates this perfectly when, after previously admitting he almost cancelled the interview because of his own social phobia, he shares: “I would very much like to do this again!”

One of my favorite examples of this “Circling in the wild” happens around minute 40, when Guy offers a simple reflection of what he imagines Vervaeke is saying, and that reflection deepens Vervaeke’s own awareness of the concepts he has been teaching for decades!

See if you can catch other places where Guy masterfully weaves tenets & tools from Circling into the interview.  (Hint: in this interview, as in life, they are often followed by the other person saying some form of “I’ve never thought of it like that, but that’s true/helpful/correct/etc.”)

Share your favorite examples of the impact of applying aspects of Circling to real-life conversations (from this interview, or your own experiences) over on our facebook page.

Do YOU want to have life-changing conversations?

Whether you are talking to colleagues, clients, romantic partners, or family members… listening with the intention to relate, offering powerful reflections, and asking deepening questions can make a profound difference.  

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