I believe: the deepest way you can love someone is to be willing to FULLY go on their ride.  To listen to them so deeply & so fully that you are willing to be changed, affected, impacted, even hurt – by your receiving of them. 

This is what Circling provides.

~  Guy Sengstock, Circling Institute Founder

One of theprivileges of being aleader at the Circling Instituteis getting invited todo podcast interviews and joyously share with folks all that I’ve learned throughthe practice ofCircling.Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Peter Limberg & his Intellectual Explorers Podcast.

We covered in depth the 3 agreements underpinning Circling, the 7 Stages of Circling, and the origins of Circling & even went deep into the nature of truth and it’s connection to intimacy as well as the difference between narcissistic mirroring and being deeply seen.

What I loved about this one was how alive and spontaneous it was.My favorite part was when the interviewer called himself out as being in“interviewer mode” and decided he would fully “go on the ride” of the kind of deep listening we practice in Circling. This brought an aliveness to the interaction thatdrew out new insights & perspectives, and had me conceptualizing things in brand new ways.

I’m interested inhearing whatyou get from listening…let me know what you think over on our facebook page.

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