October’s theme for your Be-ing:

If you are on our mailing list, odds are pretty good you agree with this statement…which is one of the underlying premises of our work:

Human beings seem to function better when our needs for emotional intimacy are being met.

It’s one of the reasons we are so committed to the practice of Circling.

But how do you create this sometimes elusive intimacy – especially with friends where the communication seems stuck in a rut or plateau?

One suggestion, is to practice asking to go deeper

Saying – in your own way – that you want to be able to talk about more personal, perhaps vulnerable stuff and share support, understanding, and empathy.

Asking is powerful.

Especially when you ask with some degree of vulnerability and gentleness. Knowing it’s both edgy for you to ask and edgy for them to hear. People close to us usually like to know what we want…what makes us happy and responsive to them. And the asking alone can certainly lead to a juicy conversation. 

And, you know, intimacy.

Here are some questions for you to consider around intimacy:

– What do you want more of?
– What has kept you from asking?
– How can you get past that?
– How can you ask for what you want?
– What can you do to create this whether or not you ask?

TEDx :  “Anatomy of Intimacy”

(We thought this 7 minute talk from spoken word artist, Alisha Lockley might interest you as well.)

We’d love to hear your musings about these questions, reactions to this TED Talk, and any other ideas you have about intimacy over on our facebook page.

Let’s share our thoughts & get intimate with each other

Looking forward to the next time we get to connect with you

Much love,

The Circling Institute team

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