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Take part, for FREE, in the 1st webinar of our 6-Month Art of Circling Practitioner Training and…

LEARN the comprehensive model and skills to take any conversation deeper than anyone could have imagined, to the essence of what needs to be seen.

The 7 Stages of Circling form the foundation for our entire training course and will provide you with both a breadth of new understandings and insights as well as usable tools you will be able to apply to your own life the next day.

Find out why most conversations, circling sessions, or even coaching or therapy can often:

  • just skim the surface
  • get stuck in doing it right vs. the finding the messy truth
  • get lost in the appeal of being with the “moment”, while losing track of what is of greater substance
  • go stale or eventually hit a wall/plateau and can’t seem to go any deeper

Learn the mistakes and missed opportunities we see being made by many coaches, circlers and other trained professionals, (and yes, these will be edgy, challenging and risky on our part) and why most circles progress to only the first two stages…

And how to access all 7 Stages of Circling, to discover and tap into that place of depth in someone, to co-explore what matters most, until something new emerges into existence.

Learn from Circling Institute partners Guy Sengstock, the original founder & genius of the now worldwide practice of Circling and Authentic Relating and Jon Cotton, a master circler with 30 years of experience teaching meditation, intuition & psychic abilities, firewalking, intimacy, & numerous other modalities.

They will provide you with a richer understanding of circling and relating more deeply with everyone in your life.

They will also demo the skills with a laser circling sessions with a participant.

Expect to have fun, expand your capacities & skills, and get your questions answered.

Plus, there will be special bonuses for everyone who signs up to watch the Webinar, including a valuable FREE offer & gift.