Peggy Kessinger, MBA

Peggy Kessinger is a Level 3 Student at the Circling Institute.  She’s been with the institute since 2018 after years of self discovery.  While Peggy is a wife, mother, engineer, business owner, and financial advisor, her true passion lies in personal and professional growth. One of the many gifts she brings to her clients is her deep rooted  compassion and insightfulness. She’s a Life Coach with the life to back it.  She brings a diverse background of training and experience to her Circling and Coaching sessions.

Additional Information

Personal development, Relationship work, Career coaching, Money Messages
Additional Certifications
Circling Sessions, Coaching Sessions, Enneagram Sessions, Tutoring in the Circling™ Method, Private Intensives, Corporate Workshops, Speaking Events
Sliding Scale $150 - $225 for private sessions, inquire for rates on corporate events, speaking events, and private intensives
Services Offered
Certified in the Circling™ Method

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Portland, Oregon