Miriam-Webster chose AUTHENTIC
as 2023’s Word of the Year

If you are like us, this is comforting news. I don’t know how much longer we could have continued patiently waiting for the world to catch up with what we realized decades ago…

That authentic expression and connection are at the core of healthy, happy, human relating.

Reality is: many of us were raised in environments(at home, at school, or sometimes both) where – at best – were were not encouraged to express our Authentic Selves…And – at worse – may have been subjected to punishment, criticism or ridicule/rejection when we dared to do so.

It is our sincere hope that the fact that authentic was one of the most looked up words this year is an indication that – now more than ever – people are craving and ready to invest in AUTHENTICITY

If you are reading this news letter, chances are you have been invested in developing your own sense of authentic presence and expression for a while now, and we are so grateful that you have joined us in our endeavor to support the development of a kinder, more connected, more authentic world.

So grateful, in fact, we want to gift you with some additional resources for creating greater authenticity in your life!

Students in our Tools For Extraordinary Connection self study course have told us that this piece of homework from Module 2 has been a valuable tool in creating deeper, more authentic connections with the people in their lives. (Click to download a copy for yourself 🙂

And students in our Sovereign: Mastering Your Presence self study course have been raving about this video where Guy addresses the tension between the authenticity & belonging.

If these glimpses have piqued your interest,
we encourage you to check out the self study programs, or join us for one of our upcoming live workshops to learn and practice even greater tools for building authentic connection
within yourself, and with the people important to you!