Is there an issue or area in 

your life where you are guilty of the Ostrich Effect?

There are plenty of places that I am “ostriching” :

  • That scary “I might come crashing down on your car at any moment” sound my garage door occasionally makes
  • How too much time looking at a computer screen is effecting my sleep quality
  • The black hole of laundry & dishes piling up in my teen’s room

The tricky thing about ostriching is:
most of the time, that thing we are trying
to avoid or ignore doesn’t go away.

In fact – sometimes it gets worse while we are blissfully ignoring it…enjoying the warm silence of the sand pit we’ve metaphorically got our head in!

When we Circle people at our weekend workshops,
we often hear tales of where they are
applying this Ostrich Effect in their relationships:

  • Ignoring how they feel under utilized or unappreciated at their job
  • Distancing themselves from a certain friend or relative because they don’t know how to discuss something that is bothering them
  • Wanting something more or different from a romantic partner, but settling for what’s present because they don’t want to hurt or offend their loved one

It breaks our hearts to watch people
settle for “good enough”
simply because they haven’t yet
connected to the courage or confidence
to advocate for what they
truly desire… and deserve!

If there is an area of your life you have been “settling for good enough”… take this mailer as a call to action – and brainstorm ways you can advocate for what you really want!

And – if you need a little help developing the courage or skills to make your move – come practice with us!