Close your eyes, and really ponder that word: intimacy.

What was the first thing to come to your mind? What was the second? The third?

If you are like most people you answered:

  • sex (or some other form of physical intimacy)
  • something about vulnerability
  • and then some form of communication, connection, sharing…
  • maybe the word fear even popped in there somewhere.  

How many of you thought about LISTENING?  

If you are one of those rare few that did – then you are going to love this video of a conversation the Guy recently had with Jordan Hall: self-proclaimed nerd, godfather of disruptive technology, and Co-founder of the Neurohacker Collective….

Because the way these two listen to one another – fully allowing themselves to be impacted, and transformed, by what they are hearing & then reflecting back the impact they experience so the other may be transformed as well – is truly magical. 


If you cocked your head slightly to the right and gave me a look like “Huh?!? What’s so intimate about listening?”  Then prepare to have your mind blown.  The way these two men get truly deep and intimate with one another – in just one hour – the first time they have ever met is gonna rock your world.  

One youtube viewer commented:  This chat was like 2 surfers riding each others waves, stopping for a moment to work out what the heck just happened or discuss how cool the ride was, and then doing it all over again. 2 surfers having this intense convo between “sets”, getting momentarily distracted until one of them would say; “dude, next wave is in”.

It’s a pretty accurate description for what happened here! The two take turns going on each other’s “ride”.  At one point Jordan burst into laughter noticing the unusual amount of sounds and gestures this “conversation” is calling forth in him and comments how the experience transcends any “surface level” communicating… And we are lucky enough to be spectators for the adventure.

One of the things I love most about this interview (and about the art of the Original Circling® Approach in general, TBH) is how Guy lives the value of wanting to get Jordan’s world…he has no attachment to being right, or showing Jordan that he “gets” him, he is leaning in to help Jordan understand his own thoughts, experiences, etc – and visibly delighting in the participatory learning of it all.

Pay attention to how Guy pauses to delve deeper into Jordan’s experience every time there is a look, or a sound, or something that hints at impact (or insight).  Notice how grateful Jordan is for the cue to savor his own experience, to allow the deeper resonance to sift to the surface, and the richness that springs forth. 

This is the power of communicating to connect rather than simply trying to understand or to be understood… The power of embodying the principles and practices of Original Circling® approach… The power of LISTENING INTIMATELY.

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Do YOU want to have more intimate conversations?

Whether you are talking to colleagues, clients, romantic partners, or family members… listening with the intention to connect, offering powerful reflections, and asking deepening questions can make a profound difference.  

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Clearly I have a biased opinion about how wonderful and powerful the principles & practices we teach are… So I thought I’d let a recent participant, Dr. Neeta Bhusan – author of Emotional Grit, share her experience (below)

Who knows, maybe the next “thank you” video we receive will be from YOU!

Big Love~


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