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Circling Demo, In Person Events, Year Long Training – Oh My!

We don’t have any lions or scarecrows in this mailer… But there may be a ...
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Midwifing Death

Internally, at the Circling Institute, we refer to these mailings as “the newsletter”. But, as ...
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Simple Tools, BIG Results

Have you ever been floored by how powerful – even life changing – a simple ...
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Next In-person Event + The Ostrich Effect

Is there an issue or area in  your life where you are guilty of the Ostrich Effect? There are plenty of places ...
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Loneliness LONELINESS – It’s not just for Shut-Ins Anymore Government officials acrossthe UK, USA, and Canada all agree: ...
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Word of the Year + Special Sneak Peeks

Miriam-Webster chose AUTHENTICas 2023’s Word of the Year If you are like us, this is comforting ...
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TCI’s Guide to Happy Endings

The secret to all the bestHappy Endings is… DON’T SAVE THEM ‘TILL THE END Practice ...
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INTERdependence Day: The Circling Institute Goes GLOBAL

The Circling® Approach Is Going GLOBAL!!! As I took a walk this morning I was ...
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5) Genuine Leadership

Intimacy and Connection

Does relational intimacy scare you? Do you feel disconnected and lonely but afraid to step ...
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What is Circling… and What Does it Want?

THE ART OF CIRCLING I believe: the deepest way you can love someone is to be ...
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“Is it just me who struggles with listening?”

When you come to the Original Circling® Approach workshop for the first time, one thing ...
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Who’s that guy Guy is talking to?

THE ART OF CIRCLING I believe: the deepest way you can love somebody is to ...
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It Takes a Village

Hello Friends, Jon here. I wanted to remind you of something so important to our ...
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falling leaves


October’s theme for your Be-ing:Intimacy If you are on our mailing list, odds are pretty ...
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Jordan Hall N Guy Sengstock

Instant Intimacy (just add Presence)

Close your eyes, and really ponder that word: intimacy. What was the first thing to come ...
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4 Steps to Deeper Connection

Connection With a blatantly selfish desire to create more love and community for ourselves in ...
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date to lead

Hardwired for Connection

We love to share what brings people together and what touches our hearts. Right now, ...
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They’re Singing Your Song

I came across this beautiful story from Alan Cohen while looking through some old files and ...
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When the heat is on

Hello Compassionate Communicators! We hope you are staying warm this winter. I often find myself ...
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How a teacher taught me to read

How a Teacher Taught Me to Read, without me knowing it, by ‘Getting My World’ ...
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Honoring a Friend

Jerry Candelaria, the Co-Founder of Circling®, died July 22nd 2017. Jerry and I co-discovered what ...
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Circling®. It’s a thing people do.

By Brooking Gatewood, Art of Circling® student People actually pay good money to sit around ...
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Let’s Create a Movement

Vision for The Original Circling® Approach: Let’s Create a Movement I’d like to share with ...
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The How of Happiness

The How of Happines by Guy Sengstock To be human is to live in a ...
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Circling® – A Sublime Gift for Therapists, Coaches & Healing Professionals

As a somatic psychotherapist I highly value approaches that show a clear path towards decreasing ...
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Being Deeply Seen

When folks talk about what they get out of Circling, almost everyone speaks of being deeply seen. “We’ve all had

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The 7 Stages of The Original Circling® Approach

How to turn any conversation into a life-changing event