With a blatantly selfish desire to create more love and community for ourselves in the world, and to promote a business model that thrives on deep, rich, mutually supportive connections, we are plotting to pander to your deepest yearnings by loving you more, offering you more, and engaging with you more.

Introducing: Themes for your Be-ing 

Throughout the year, we will share with you themes to explore…perhaps a skill, a desire, or a way of being…so together we can thrive in the evolution of our group consciousness and learning that arises while living, exploring, and discussing that theme during Circling nights, weekend workshops and year-long courses, facebook posts, blogs, videos, etc. We’ll share questions to ponder and skills to practice in your life, and we’ll ask you for feedback, stories, what you discovered and your questions. How does this sound to you? Let us know how can we inspire you!

As you may have guessed – the theme for September is CONNECTION

Because all communication starts with some form of connection.

We previewed this with our last newsletter, “Hardwired for Connection”, where we shared our favorite quotes from Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead. This month we want to encourage you to put those sentiments into action. 

Let’s start with some questions:

  • What quality of connection do you desire with the people in your life?
  • How do you go about creating this connection?
  • What has you wanting to connect?
  • Are we connecting with you right now? How so?
  • How is it to know we or someone cares about you?
  • What’s it like to care about them?

Feel free to post your answers and your experience on our facebook page. Let’s share what we find and learn from each other…

How Can We Improve Our Connections?

This way of relating that Guy Sengstock stumbled across and named Circling is revealing itself to be so nourishing, bonding and transformational that as people (especially us) keep coming back for more it is  turning into a worldwide movement.

At the core, Circling is being with someone in a way that co-discovers and celebrates what it’s like to be them As Guy calls it, profoundly being with what is. 

To do this we use skills that invite intimacy, such as:

  • Curiosity – asking questions that invite what’s most alive and important to be shared.
  • Empathy – getting their world and what’s it’s like to be them, walking in their shoes and seeing the world through the other’s eyes…sharing what you heard them say and what you get about them in a way that has them feel totally “gotten” and understood and accepted for who they are.
  • Sharing impact – sharing how they are affecting us, what it’s like to be with them, revealing ourselves in the process, which can sometimes feel risky, vulnerable, yet usually leads to more connection.
  • Speaking the moment – checking in on how they are feeling right now and what it’s like to be with each other. This is so raw, honest and vulnerable that it usually melts the distance between two hearts.

With hopes of making your relationships, communities and even THE WORLD a more loving, compassionate, supportive, vibrant, passionate, fun place to be, we invite you to come play with us and practice these skills.

What’s Available Now

  • Tools for Extraordinary Connection – play & practice events – to practice communicating on a deeper, more authentic level – in a safe, supportive, fun environment.
  • Circling practice intro workshops – to learn and practice the Art of Circling in a relaxed, experimental format where beginners and experienced Circlers all get to participate.
  • Weekend Circling Approach Intensive – getting Circled in great depth and participating in Circles.
  • Art of Circling Practitioner Training – year long intensive – becoming a master of the nuances of the numerous skills of authentic relating and intimacy.
  • Level 2 Facilitator Training – develop your leadership voice & skills – in life, business, leading workshops

What’s Coming in 2020 & Beyond

– On-line virtual Circling Courses – to both learn and experience getting “Circled”.

– One day Circling Workshops – to experience getting “Circled” more extensively than in a drop-in night.

– Advanced Circling Training – for graduates of Practitioner Training

– Relational empowerment courses specifically for men and women

– Touch, Affection & Authentic Relating

Make sure to join our Facebook page to learn about new events as soon as we schedule them

We look forward to the next time we get to connect with YOU

Much love,

Jon & The Circling Institute team

Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

Intro Events
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The Explorer – Getting Someone’s World
Sept 28-29 in SF Bay Area
($100 offthrough Sept 14)

Art of Circling Practitioner Training 
$1000 off full tuition through September 30