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Let’s Create a Movement

Vision for The Original Circling® Method: Let’s Create a Movement I’d like to share with …

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Circling® – A Sublime Gift for Therapists, Coaches & Healing Professionals

As a somatic psychotherapist I highly value approaches that show a clear path towards decreasing …

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“Is it just me who struggles with listening?”

When you come to the Original Circling® Method workshop for the first time, one thing …

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They’re Singing Your Song

I came across this beautiful story from Alan Cohen while looking through some old files and …

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Genuine Connection and Risk

Continuing to think about genuine connection, specifically about connection’s relationship to risk. A few days ago …

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When the heat is on

Hello Compassionate Communicators! We hope you are staying warm this winter. I often find myself staying indoors way too often

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Honoring a Friend

Jerry Candelaria, the Co-Founder of Circling®, died July 22nd 2017. Jerry and I co-discovered what became called “Circling®” over 20

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The 7 Stages of The Original Circling® Method

How to turn any conversation into a life-changing event